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Our operations in Japan are currently conducted through Hotto Motto, a takeaway bento chain,
and Yayoiken, a set-menu restaurant chain, with a total of approximately 3,000 locations. Our commitment to the “Customer First” philosophy since the foundation of our company, combined with our ability to think from a customer’s perspective, has allowed us to serve hot and delicious dishes to our customers, providing for and respecting their expectations. We believe that our constant efforts to deliver enhanced satisfaction to our customers will be crucial to achieve our aim of creating, through our operations, a more abundant and satisfying lifestyle as reflected in “Plenus”, the name of our company.
At Plenus, we look to the future of our customers by placing a high emphasis on communities, the environment, health and quality of taste of our menu items. We will keep setting challenges in order to offer satisfaction to a great number of customers, impress them and win over their smiles.


Trade Name :  Plenus  Company Limited
Representative : Tatsuo Shioi, President and Representative Director
Location of main office : 19-21 Kamimuta 1-chome, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-8580, Japan
Website :
Established :  March 1960
Capital : 3,461 million  yen
Number  of shops :

2,939  (as of February 2014)

Annual  sales : 148,669  million yen
[Fiscal  year ending February 2014]



MK Restaurant Group Public Company Limited(MK) operates under 3 brands in Thailand: “MK Restaurants”, a Thai-style suki (Japanese shabu-shabu) restaurant chain, “Na Siam”, a Thai cuisine restaurant and “Yayoiken”, a Japanese set-menu restaurant chain. With a combined number of about 300 locations, the company is the largest restaurant chain in this country.
 MK Restaurants was the first suki chain to use electric suki pots at every table. Before MK, suki restaurants in Thailand used gas stoves which were dangerous and has been the cause of numerous explosions and fires around Thailand. MK also introduced an innovative serving plate called “condo” to alleviate the problem of limited table-top space. Condo plates can be stacked high to help free up table space.
Food at MK Restaurants is primarily a mixture of Thai and Chinese cuisine. The main menu features Thai-style suki that is a hot pot of fresh meats and vegetables cooked by dipping the items in boiling soup, and then eating it with dipping sauces, similar to European fondue.
MK Restaurants has more than 50 items of fresh items on the menu, from vegetables, meats and seafood to eggs, noodles and fish balls. The clear stock for cooking the meats and vegetables is prepared beforehand and is brought to a boil with the electric suki pot at the customer’s table. The naturally?sweet stock, combined with the natural flavours of the cooked meat and vegetables, produces a tasty soup. Meals are complemented by a variety of dipping sauces, from sweet to spicy. The recipe for MK’s suki sauce is a well kept company secret.
 In addition to its now-famous suki items MK Restaurants offers a number of non-suki Thai-Chinese dishes, including MK roasted duck, MK roasted pork, noodles, rice and dim sum. MK Restaurants prepares its popular roasted duck by roasting it in the traditional Chinese way but it is cooked and seasoned to please Thai taste buds. The combination has made it one of the restaurant’s best sellers on the menu.
 MK owns a central kitchen fully equipped with the latest appliances. Due to the high quality management standards set for the cooking processes, the company has achieved ISO 9001:2000 Certification. It is also HACCP and GMP certified. Set to grow and prosper, MK definitively deserves your attention.


Trade name : MK Restaurant Group Public Company Limited
Name of President : Rit Thirakomen
Location of main office : 589/164 Central City Tower, Bangna-Trad Road,Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand.
Website :
First Branch Open Year : 1986
Capital : 410 Million Baht
Number of shops : 290 (In Thailand) as of Dec. 2010
Annual sales : 8,671 Mil Baht (Year 2010)